Local Nonprofit Highlight — San Antonio Zulu Association

If you've been to the annual event, "A Taste of New Orleans," you likely know and love the nonprofit, San Antonio Zulu Association. They've got events down.

Nonprofits and foundations are passionate at heart and, frankly, don’t always take advantage of natural marketing opportunities or learnings. Why? Generally, they focus on serving their cause and its population and then fundraising becomes a necessary evil. Hoping to help nonprofits shift their mindset to running like a business, Warren Laine-Naida and I are writing,…

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Twitter Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

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Did you know that individual tweets are indexed by Google? A healthy Twitter account is a great ranking signal and should be part of your SEO strategy. Twitter is a big part of my marketing stack as many of you know. For a good SEO strategy, don’t leave Twitter out. Twitter is my favorite. And…

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The Definitive Guide To Twitter Marketing Strategy

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Note: This post is over 7,000 words and will take about 25 minutes to read. You can purchase it on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback if that is more convenient. Also, if you’re a bit overwhelmed, I have a free course for Twitter for Business. Twitter marketing is too valuable to ignore for any type…

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Google Ads Alone Won’t Save Your Business

Quite a few referrals have come my way over the years. I have one thing to say about pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Are you ready? Ads alone won’t save your business. If that is your goal, you will be throwing away money. “Don’t simply wish for results to show up; know what your looking for specifically…

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