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  • Texting, Relationships, and Self-Talk

    I keep trying to text you And then stopping myself “He doesn’t care,” I say. “But what if he does?” asks doubt. “You’ll push him away,” says fear. “He misses you,” says confidence. “Your vulnerability makes you clingy,” says my insecurity. “You are a powerful connector,” says my strength. “I am awesome,” says my sass.…

  • The Habit of a Relationship

    I speak, he listens He calls, I answer I cry, he holds me He’s sick, I caretake I stand, he’s there He leads, I follow I break, he mends I sleep, he snores He dies, I’m alone

  • The Best App to Bond is Your Face

    Face-to-face communication is undervalued in our always-on mobile lifestyles. What app helps us connect better? Our face. It’s that simple. Back in 2014, Buffer held a Twitter chat about company culture. Company culture is still a timely topic — especially with regard to connection. How do you create, cultivate, and curate that culture? What if…