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Keys to Being Social: Focus

When you combine knowledge and passion and focus on that, you’ll be unstoppable.

So you have tons of ideas and you’re scattered here and there and oh look a butterfly.

We get it. I get it. Heck. I have three personal blogs for this reason.

Even if you look at the micro, you must focus at least on a topic. This blog is about social media, tactics and strategy, not about photography or business planning.

When it comes to curating an audience around your content, it’s helpful if you focus.

  • What is your passion? Focus on that.
  • What is your best source of knowledge? Hone in on it.

“Easy to say, hard to do.”

Okay, maybe you’re right. I started to worry that this blog had run its course, quite literally. Then I wrote a post, “Keys to Being Social: Reciprocation.” The fact that it sounded like a series, sort of kicked me in gear. I wrote out some titles and have been “filling out the series,” so to speak, since.

Pick a theme: stick with it for 3-10 posts, more even, to help you stay focused in your content. Want a real example? Check out how many posts Carol Stephen wrote referencing clowns. Genius.

Keys to Being Social: Passion

Keys to Being Social: Passion

What’s your passion? What’s holding you back?

Social gatherings can be great opportunities to meet new people, catch up on your email, or gain a few extra pounds, depending on the event and how excited you are to be there. As the local guru to my crew, I’m often asked “how to questions.”

This time, my niece introduced me to a friend of the family while we were in the buffet line at a shower. This beautiful soul was curious about how to use a blog to promote her new book.

This silver-haired, tender-hearted woman had written a book. Sadly, she didn’t feel she could blog.

I looked her in the eye and said,

“You have something to say. You can add value to the world.”

Her eyes began to well up and her face changed entirely.

She believed me. She believed in herself.

It was a teachable moment for her and an inspiration to me.

In between the requisite shower games we continued our conversation. The more we brainstormed, the more energized I became.

Driving home, I realized this is my passion. There’s a part of me that will always be a teacher. I love it when someone’s brain clicks. You can see it on their face.