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  • In Defense of My Perspective: A Pragmatist in a World Full of Dreamers

    How does a pragmatist survive in a world full of dreamers? In the era of startups, ideas are often valued more than their execution. Yet, execution is the only thing that matters.

  • How do you capture your ideas?

    Ideas are my nemesis. Sherlock and Moriarty. Batman and the Joker. Superman and Lex Luthor. Every hero has a nemesis that taunts them and generally tries to hinder their good work. Ideas come to me in the dark, subconscious hours of the night, teasing me with the promise of genius only to leave me when I’m fully…

  • How do you find ideas? Keep learning.

    When I was in college studying to be a teacher (that lasted a year), the cliché phrase everyone batted around was “be a lifelong learner.” Passion for knowledge is what makes you a great teacher, but being teachable comes from self-awareness and the humility to grow as a person. They’re not necessarily correlated. Stagnant water,…