Will you remember me?

At a certain age we look inward.

We take an inventory. We audit our lives.

Does my student loan matter? Did I impact anyone’s life in my one year of teaching? What do I have to show for the last thirty years of my working life, let alone personal?

People come and go in our lives. We have seasons in our relationships — friendships and professional.

And I think of these people. People who were in my life for a season. Do you remember me? Will you remember me?

Do you remember the walks we had on the beach when you were a child?

Do you remember the songs we used to sing in the church halls?

Do you remember the conversations we had?

Now that our season has passed, am I still part of your story?

Will you remember me when you move away?

Will you remember me when you change jobs?

Will you remember the connection we had?

One weekend at a conference two years ago? One conversation at a retreat? Ten years of friendship? Twenty years of family?

Will I remember?

Will I remember you?

Will I remember how you made me feel — like I’m the best version of myself?

Will I remember what I’ve been taught?

Will I remember our connection?

Will I write you out of my story?

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