What brought you to social media? What keeps you? My Story with Video

Let me tell you my story in the video below and, hopefully, encourage you, too.


But the gist, if you just want to read is here:

Originally with my CD release in 2004, I sought to promote and sell (MySpace etc.).

In 2007, I started my original Twitter account after hearing about it on Leo Laporte.

It was fun to talk with people who had similar interests as me: music, the Bible, politics, dogs, etc.

I started social for my work in 2009. I was already ahead having practiced personally for two years.

Since 2005, however, I had been struggling with illness. In 2009 that was finally diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What brought me to social was something to sell, like many of you.

What kept me there was the community.

I’m fortunate enough to still be able to work full-time with my illness but, like many chronic illnesses, you have to maintain your health. For me, among other things, this includes bed rest. This means I’m in bed by 7pm every night and spend most weekends there, too.

This is how I had time to develop my skills, start blogging, and even the most daring and physically challenging, the Guru Minute videos.

One thing I’ve learned is that the more you open up, the deeper your connections will be.

Sure, I’ve heard, “Why are you online so much? Why don’t you get a life?” more times than I should, and, I’ll admit, it hurts. The upside, however, is the world that was opened up to me in spite of the physical isolation of my illness.

Being vulnerable is a risk. Telling my story is a risk. Though I’ve wavered many times before hitting “post,” “tweet,” or “publish,” I have never regretted it. Why? Most people thank me for telling my story.

What I’ve learned is that we all have a story. We all have value to add to this world. Sure, I can’t gig anymore. I can write. I can’t go to every meetup. I can do Google Hangouts. I can’t tutor all those who ask for my help. I can make videos.

So, what brought you to social media?
What’s keeping you here?

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