Twitter and LinkedIn – How linked should they be?

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Update 6/29/12:

Thanks to an announcement today, this entire blog post is obsolete.  Let us all take a moment of silence to remember the chaos once inflicted upon us by serial cross posters.

Now go and share some relevant content with your professional connections.  As Linkedin recommends:

“Initiate the conversation on LinkedIn.”

Wow! What a concept!

Many of my words of advice originate from my own user experience; and, frankly, it is annoying to login to my LinkedIN account only to see tons of updates from one person.

A message is only appropriate within the confines of the venue and the expectations within that venue.

During a #SMFastFwd chat in early December 2010, one of the participants made a great observation:

I like to say that Twitter is like a bar, FB is yr living room & LinkedIn is the local chamber of commerce. There r differences. #smfastfwd

~ Brenda Stoltz, December 8, 2010 @BSStoltz

People expect a high level of noise in a bar just as they expect a high volume of messages on twitter.  And if LinkedIN is the chamber of commerce or any other such place, then expectations differ.  I expect relevant, business-like information when I view my LinkedIN feed.

LinkedIN FeedIt is for this reason that I recommend against linking your entire Twitter feed on LinkedIN. Am I against Foursquare checkins? No.  I check into Foursquare.  However, is this appropriate for your LinkedIN feed?  How about rants?  How about conversations with that make no sense without context:

“@someone RT @someoneelse ha ha that’s funny @firstperson Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Instead, why not pick one relevant tweet per day and use the #in hashtag?

Change these seetings on LinkedIN:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Hover over your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen so that “Settings” appears.
  3. Click “Settings.”
  4. Click “Manage Your Twitter Settings” (screenshot below)
  5. Click the box that says “Share only tweets that contain #in…” (screenshot below)
  6. Click “Save Changes.”
Screenshots (click image for larger view):
LinkedIN Settings
LinkedIN Twitter Settings!/YouTooCanBeGuru/status/71622770060050432

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  1. Brenda Stoltz on May 29, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Bridget, I’m flattered to see your post based on my quote. I believe you’re dead on with your advice. Particularly for someone like me, who was an early adopter of LinkedIn in 2002, the increase in “noise” on that platform has not been a pleasant addition.

    Also, the LinkedIn user profile has traditionally skewed more towards professional and/or executive. These folks have not necessarily been early adopters of other platforms, like Twitter, so it’s not an audience who knows/loves/wants that continuous Twitter stream.

    I love Twitter, but I still don’t want to see it in my LinkedIn profile. I always advocate the same tactic you did – #in.

    Finally, I will say that there are some people whom I admire and respect who do tightly link and automate their tools. I realize we all have a different take on how to utilize them. As for me, I’m with you! Perfect solution – great post! Thank you!

    • Bridget Willard on May 29, 2011 at 9:06 pm

      Thanks Brenda. I love that quote. It is a great analogy.

      I’m with you. People I admire and respect link their entire feed. What can you do?


  2. Todd Posey on August 25, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    I’d take this a step further; unless the vast majority of your tweets are professional in nature, or relevant to a more entrepreneurial LinkedIn profile, I don’t know that there’s real value in even promoting that you are on Twitter in your profile. Using your very fitting analogy, Bridget, I don’t know that I want any of my “bar talk” easily accessible to my elbow-rubbing buddies in the chamber of commerce.

    If you’re one of the average Joes who are using LinkedIn to promote yourself strictly as a potential future star team member, no need to make it easier on recruiters to dismiss your viability because you occasionally pontificate about politics or religion on your Twitter feed. There’s always the post-connection personal note where telling certain connections about your Twitter account will allow you to use LinkedIn to gain Twitter followers.

    • Bridget Willard on August 25, 2011 at 8:59 pm

      Great points, Todd.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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