Keys to Being Social: Consistency - 130510 The Positive Daily Affirmation Image About Consistency by Omar Reyes, on Flickr

Keys to Being Social: Consistency

Do you struggle with making writing a habit?


Do you debate blogging based on consistency versus inspiration? Are you a slave to the editorial calendar?  Do you fear the impending, un-avoidable lack of quality that only comes with consistency? Perhaps, that debate has only been in my own mind.

“Consistency is the last resort for the unimaginative.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Yet consistency is important to our own skill-set. Like any skill, writing must be practiced. That reason alone, regardless of consideration for Google’s search math or serving your audience, is enough to compel me to publish more regularly.

The Confession

I admit that I’ve been selfish in my blogging. I only blog when I feel compelled to.

Often, since I have a “day job,” my reasons fall under “Life Happens.”

 “At the end of the day blogs, Twitter, Facebook are just sites. Sometimes the world is more important than the digital one we live in.” Scott Stratten, “Frequently Futile: How Often Should You Blog”