Spam is in the Eye of the Beholder

Spam on Shelves

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about spam:  it comes in many flavors.  There’s hard-core spam and then there’s spammy, spam-ish, or spam-like.

Bottom line: it’s subjective.

I’ve started quite a few rows on twitter regarding my rants about #NOAutoDMs, for example.  I think they’re spammy, other people find them convenient.

If you’re wondering if your behavior on twitter is spam-flavored, then perhaps you can get some insight below. 

I asked my twitter followers to let me know what they think is spam and to tag their tweet with #spam2me.  Here are some of their responses:

Above all, put yourself in other people’s shoes and think about how your behavior online affects them.  That’s just simple courtesy.

This quote from the note “If You Wouldn’t Do It In Person, Don’t Do It on LinkedIn!” by LinkedIn sums it up perfectly:

You know “that guy” at conferences who shakes every single person’s hand, distributes his business cards or brochures like candy on Halloween and can talk nonstop for 10 minutes about how great he is? Don’t be that guy (or gal) — at conferences or on LinkedIn!

And the origin of the term:

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