So, you think you’re funny huh? | A guest blogpost by Wendy Jean

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This is a guest post by Wendy Jean (aka @MrsPickle_) you can find her blog here:  Keeping Up With the Pickles.

I have a friend who is a social media maven by day and a comedian by night. This makes perfect sense to me, because a lot of what social media is – at least on Twitter – is comprised of one-liners. Who have perfected the one-liners? Comedians.

I think that’s why I love social media myself and after long resisting it, am now practically addicted to Twitter. Like never before, I can throw a “zinger” out there and often immediately get a reaction. It’s the perfect outlet for people who think they’re funny and who revel in sarcasm. People like me, and comedians.

When I first started tweeting it was my love of one-liners and my long-honed skill of talking to myself that got me through, because when I first began no one was listening. I had all but forced my way onto the social media committee at work and one day found myself responsible for the company’s Twitter account. I started tweeting on my personal account as sort of a stress reliever and to respond to tweets in a… shall we say… less than professional manner.

I often mention this tweet to Kyle, and he always laughs, but it really was the one that brought me out of my shell.!/MrsPickle_/status/17960521777020928

OMG that tweet is so droll – I love it! To me, this is the perfect example of how to be approachable, funny, and interesting on Twitter. And really, that’s what tweeting is all about – both personally and professionally. People don’t want to read tweets about “ABC Company does this, and we do that and we’re great!” Yeah, yeah, we get it… yawn. People want to be entertained, informed, and interested.

This is not to imply that you never tell people what you have to offer; but if that’s all you do, no one is going to be interested. Determine what your, or your company’s, personality really is and go from there.

My company (@Sundt) is interested in helping the community, “going beyond the expected,” integrity, innovation, education, human capital, and, of course, providing general contracting services across the United States, so that’s the personality I portray. All tweets referring to Oreos are purely my own.

Personally, I thrive on sarcasm. I deal with poop a lot because I have a small child. I often tweet about zombies, bacon, and farts (although typically not in the same tweet). I love making people laugh.

If I have one suggestion to offer on how to be successful using social media it’s to have fun with it. If you’re having a bad day, I suggest avoiding your work Twitter account, but you’ll likely find someone to talk to who might cheer you up on your personal account. If you’re having fun, it will shine through whether you are tweeting about the services your company provides or that you really shouldn’t be tweeting before you have coffee.

Oh, and wait until at least 11 a.m. to spike the eggnog.

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