Reinforced Learning is Like a Revival v. Revelation

Reinforced learning doesn’t always “blow your mind” but it makes an impact. Instead of obsessing over the epitome, go for the reinforcement.

“Don’t let the noise discourage [you from writing and finding your voice].” Scott Buscemi 

At WordCamp Orange County last weekend, I attended the Blogging Workshop with Scott Buscemi. He discussed the challenges that we face with blogging which is generally surrounded with procrastination — if we were truly honest.

Scott discussed some of his own struggle with blogging. As a business owner, he said it’s hard to find the immediate return for the time it takes to produce content. Of course, you can always outsource content creation, but one of the main points of writing is to position yourself as an expert.

One of the things I liked best about this WordCamp session was the call to actions. He would present, then ask us to buddy up and make action items. Rinse and repeat.

I felt as though the brainstorming session and workshopping were productive for me.

At dinner, my friend remarked that there was nothing new that he said. No. There was nothing Scott said that blew my mind. No. There were no new revelations about blogging that gave me an aha moment.

Do you know what did happen? Revival.

Learn what you already know.

Like many things in life, we learn something then drift away from it. Of course, I know you should regularly blog. In my day job we publish four times a week. Am I doing it on my own site? No. As they say, “a cobbler’s children has no shoes.”

I know to blog regularly.

I know why I should blog.

I know exactly what my topics and areas of expertise are.

I have several drafts.

Am I doing it? No.

Be Accountable

When I first started writing, it was just to answer the odd social media question here or there. And then when I knew it was time to ramp up my writing, I started brainstorming with Carol Stephen. We became blogging buddies.

“The real word for the Panic Monster is accountability.” Scott Buscemi

Life happened. I got the job I wanted from this blogging hobby here. But then what happened to being regular?

It ended. It ended because I thought no one cared. It ended because there are “only” 39 people on my mailing list. It ended because of apathy. It ended because I wasn’t accountable.

Well, no more.

Action and Accountability

Tonight, I started being accountable. I copied my five latest ideas into the draft folder here. I tweeted Scott and Carol with a screenshot.

Social Media Saturdays

I am telling you, my audience, that I will be posting on Saturday mornings. Why am I calling it “Social Media Saturdays?” Because I’m self-aware. I know myself. I need a gimmick. The gimmick will get me into the habit. Even though I’m writing this on Friday night, in order to start this habit, I’ll schedule this post.


It’s more for me than it is for you. Honestly, I love writing about WordPress on WordImpress and Give, but Social Media is and will always be my first love.

What connects the two is my passion for learning.

So, no. Scott didn’t blow my mind.

But I respect him. He’s a friend. And because he reinforced in my mind what I already know, I’m acting upon it.

Mind blown? How about mind grown.


  1. Carol Stephen on July 20, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    This: “it’s hard to find the immediate return for the time it takes to produce content.” Yes, the benefits can take a long time to return to us.

    Also, we do need some accountability! I love the Social Media Saturdays for your blogging. Thank you for the mention, and I’m always available for brainstorming. Glad to be your buddy!

    I approve this post!


    • Bridget Willard on July 20, 2016 at 1:21 pm

      ​Thank you so much, Carol. I really appreciate you. ​

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