Social Media: “Forced to be Whole”

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Guru LogoA article entitled “Call to Socialize” by Julie Ruvolo dated April 20, 2011, has some interesting insights into social media and how it has affected the highly-guarded segmentation of our lives.  It stands out so much as a must-read that I felt compelled to assemble this blog; being more than one hundred forty characters, it is well out of scope for the Twitter venue.

One of the questions Julie posits matches one of my personal rants.

Why do we feel the pressure to evaluate every conference, cocktail hour and business card by its immediate ROI?

It seems that whenever I speak of a business on Twitter or Facebook, I get the Return-On-Investment interrogation.  Julie furthers her point with another series of questions:

Let me ask you this, how did you get your last job?

Did your resume stand out against impossible odds? Or did you know someone?

I highly encourage you to read the rest of the article on

Most Overused Word in #SM: “Guru”

guru logoHere is my new blog and the title is a bit of a joke based upon my pet peeve of the word “guru” in so many twitter bios.

I believe that anyone can use social media to communicate their message;  you don’t have to be some kind of mastermind, maven, or guru.

I’ve been helping others along for years both in person and through my work and personal twitter accounts.

I figured it would be good to have an appropriate venue for any such information and so the experiment goes.!/gidgey/status/70717441143087104

A joke became an idea, and this is the beginning.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.