Twitter Revival: Bringing Back the Conversation

479954_386342111456308_1119701265_nIs it just me? Or do you all notice an overall lack of engagement on Twitter lately?

Personally, I blame the “Retweet” button, but most of you already know that if you’ve followed me.

(Most people don’t notice they’ve been retweeted that way, and/or, don’t thank you. Also, you fill up your timeline with other people’s brand/logo/face.)

So I tweeted out some of my thoughts this morning.

If we intend to have a revival of sorts on Twitter to bring it back to a conversational medium then it’s up to me and you.

Draw a circle on the ground and stand in it.

Audit your behavior.  What are you doing (or not doing) to promote ideas, discussion, and friendship?

Try new ideas, maybe different software, to engage more.

What are your thoughts?  Can it be done or is Twitter relegated to a broadcast medium forever?

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Ten Ways to Be Retweetable

If You Want to be Retweeted, Be Retweet-able

It never ceases to amaze me how technology cripples our ability to communicate.

(Wait. What?)

Yes, you would think it should be the opposite.

This post lists ways to remind you that you are still a human being even when you have a computer in your pocket.

1. Stop Tweeting from Facebook

Yes. Automation. Specifically, “Tweeting from Facebook” is very easy and popular. But is it the best way to get your message out on Twitter? I say no.

(Save your outcry for politicians or the comment section.)

Listen, I’ve been tweeting since 2007. I’ve seen a lot of new people take up Twitter lately, thinking it will give them instant results like the promise of Sea Monkeys on the back of cereal boxes.

You don’t build relationships by pushing buttons. Read more Ten Ways to Be Retweetable

What in the world is Pinterest? (Not another social network…)

What in the world is Pinterest? You, too, can be a guru.


When I first saw it my immediate thoughts were twofold:

1.  A giant photo gallery? Seriously?

2.  Another social network to join, monitor. Great.

I will admit, for someone who normally jumps in the deep end with both feet, I was skeptical and reluctant.  After using it for several months, I finally understood it.

Feel Free to Browse: My Favorite Browers

Updated August 17, 2015

“The Internet “browser… is the piece of software that puts a message on your computer screen informing you that the Internet is currently busy and you should try again later.” ~ Dave Barry

A situation arose last week that prompted me to consider the browsers I use and why.

Now, I’m more of a Social-Media-Geek and less of an IT-Geek, so that is my single disclaimer.

  1. Google Chrome
    • Yep. It’s my top choice.  It didn’t use to be but I like the speed, easy-to-use apps (extensions), and it’s simplicity.
    • It gives you the ability to sync when you are signed into Google.  This allows you to save your bookmarks, settings, and suchlike to keep your experience the same no matter the computer you are using.
  2. Apple’s Safari
    • I used to hate Safari but Apple has made a lot of improvements, including the “omnibar” where you can either enter the URL address or use it to search.

These are the only two browsers I use now.

Mozilla Firefox

Once I found Firefox I was in love.  However,  it used to be my first love and, though I am happy with it in general, it started crashing a lot. That’s when I fully committed to Chrome.

I use all of these browsers on a daily basis for different reasons.  Are you using any of these?

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How to Link to Your Company Page on Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever wondered how to link your work in the about section of your profile to your company’s Facebook Page?

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your profile (not page, profile).
  2. Click “About.”
  3. Click “Edit” under “Work and Education.”
  4. If your current job is listed delete it.  Otherwise skip to next step.
  5. Where it says “Where have you worked?” in the blank box start typing the name of your company.
  6. If it has a Facebook Page, it should be suggested.  (If not, you just type it in anyway.)
  7. Click on the suggested page.
  8. Fill out the job title, description, and dates.
  9. Click “Add Job” and you’re done.