Learning Twitter can be overwhelming. But, as with any task, breaking it down into smaller parts helps considerably. This is lesson seven in a ten-part series.

In this four minute video, I talk about engaging (which means being polite and responsive). Replying to tweets and retweeting is a great way to engage your audience.

It seems that a retweet is commonly accepted as a substitute for “thank you” or “you’re welcome.” And this is why the conversation is stopped.

Strategy: Why are you on Twitter?

Strategy determines tactics. If your main purpose on Twitter is to opine and to be known for such, then you’ll really like being retweeted and you can collect those stats like baseball cards, showing them off when your friends and family come to visit. Being retweeted in this scenario is a good thing (for the opiner). However, if you are the person retweeting, you get little to nothing out of your effort.

If your purpose to be on Twitter is to meet new people, then the conversation tactic is the one for you.

When you read a tweet, you have the choice, dare I say power, to reply. You have the ability to make that one person (or group of two) feel more comfortable.

“Twitter is a party that your neighbor’s brother-in-law’s mother is having. You won’t know ANYONE when you get there. How are you going to get through it? Easy. You start jumping in on conversations and learning about others, so you make friends. Talk about what THEY are talking about and, eventually, they will ask about YOU.” Amy Donohue

I have more tips in my post on conversations here.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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