Learning Twitter can be overwhelming. But, as with any task, breaking it down into smaller parts helps considerably. This is lesson five in a ten-part series.

In this five minute video, I talk about engaging (which means being polite and responsive). Replying to tweets and retweeting is a great way to engage your audience.

Not everyone on Twitter engages.  So that is just part of it. The less people you have following the more you have to work to engage in your home feed. If you want to have friends, be a friend. It’s up to you.

Here are some general tips.

  • The reply button is the most under-used button on Twitter. Twitter is about having conversations. People post, you respond.

  • I would use retweet sparingly but do it with style. I prefer old-school retweets which are a copy/paste version.

  • Answer questions by searching on Twitter. Presuming you’re a bakery, search for “cakes,” “cookies,” “bread.” Reply to some of those tweets. This is what Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) did with WineLibrary.com. He sat on Twitter answering people’s questions about wine pairings. Now he’s a total social rockstar.
  • Sometimes you have to prime the pump. Support your friends and their businesses by replying to tweets and retweeting each other’s posts. It’s not cheating; it’s networking. Surely you have mutual friends who will support you, even if they’re in other industries.

Don’t forget to have fun.

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