Learning Twitter can be overwhelming. But, as with any task, breaking it down into smaller parts helps considerably. This is lesson two in a ten-part series.

In this lesson, I cover the things you need to think about when composing your first tweet. The first tweet can be daunting. Think of a question or something you’re always saying, like a slogan.

What can  you tweet about?  Do you have to write it?  Ugh.  Stage fright overwhelms us all.

I promise you have content.

What I do is reassure my friends and clients that they do have a lot of content they are already using.

For example, talking to a docent, a physical therapist office, a mechanic, a roofer, I have reminded them all of the vastness of their knowledge.  If they didn’t have this basis of knowledge, they wouldn’t be able to do their job.

Write down ten things you always say. If you can’t think of them now, then keep a notebook next to your phone. If you find yourself repeating phrases, that is a good start for content to publish on Twitter.

Get Started Today:

  • Start a text file (or Microsoft Word if you prefer) and write out bulleted lists of hints, tips, advice, quotes, anything from your repertoire.  You know, the mental script you’re on when you encounter a customer, patient, student, etc.
  • Add content to the file as you run across helpful quotes or articles.
  • When you are ready to tweet in the morning, you have things already written out (to fall back on).
  • Try doing this for 21 days.
  • Have fun.

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