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Keys to Being Social: Focus

So you have tons of ideas and you’re scattered here and there and oh look a butterfly.

We get it. I get it. Heck. I have three personal blogs for this reason.

Even if you look at the micro, you must focus at least on a topic. This blog is about social media, tactics and strategy, not about photography or business planning.

When it comes to curating an audience around your content, it’s helpful if you focus.

  • What is your passion? Focus on that.
  • What is your best source of knowledge? Hone in on it.

“Easy to say, hard to do.”

Okay, maybe you’re right. I started to worry that this blog had run its course, quite literally. Then I wrote a post, “Keys to Being Social: Reciprocation.” The fact that it sounded like a series, sort of kicked me in gear. I wrote out some titles and have been “filling out the series,” so to speak, since.

Pick a theme: stick with it for 3-10 posts, more even, to help you stay focused in your content. Want a real example? Check out how many posts Carol Stephen wrote referencing clowns. Genius.

It works for video, too.

I was encouraged by a friend (see tweet below) to start doing more on my YouTube channel. (Yes, even a “guru” needs encouragement.) Going with my “something is better than nothing” philosophy and being a bit impulsive, I did my first #GuruMinute video and tweeted it out without watching it first.

Did I come up with the hashtag right out of the gate? No. Did I have an outline of ideas? Admittedly, no. I thought about the tweets that went back and forth between the two of us, got to work early, and said, “What the heck? I’ll do one about how to start a conversation on Twitter! People always ask me that.”

The one video gave me an idea for another and the next another idea. The more videos I’ve done, the more ideas I get. Once I got to three videos, one minute or less, I looked to see if the hashtag #GuruMinute was being used. Nope! Winning! I edited the titles of my video and created a playlist. Now,  I shoot video spontaneously as the ideas come and time allows.

Is video a different focus than the blog? No. The tips are still about social media strategy and tactics. It’s just another form. I call it the appetizer to the main course (blog).

Why do I tell the story?

I tell you the story so you don’t think for one second that I have everything preplanned. I’m not Julia Childs and there aren’t measured ingredients on my granite countertops prepared by interns just waiting for me to make magic. No. I’m just a regular person like you.

Everyone and their mom has blog posts abounding with platitudes. Does “If you can dream it, you can do it” actually help anyone? Maybe. But my audience usually needs a gentle nudge like I do.

Get to the Point

You, too, can be a guru is my blog’s title because I believe anyone can learn to be social, creative, and express themselves.

Find your passion, focus on it, and get going:

  • Are you a homemaker? Create content (posts, blogs, video) around household tips (cooking, sewing, budgeting).
  • Is your passion travel? Create content about the best places to visit during summer or how to travel on a dime.
  • Are you good at organizing? Photograph your organizational tips, step by step, and put that on a blog, get your audience from Pinterest by pinning those photographs.

Only you can create the your content. What are you waiting for? What could you possibly have to loose?





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What do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts.

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