Yes, this is a meatloaf formed into a beautiful cake. Two layers of your standard meatloaf recipe are frosted with mashed potatoes. Decorate with vegetables.

Keys to Being Social: Content

In real estate you often hear the mantra, “Location, Location, Location.”

In many ways this also applies to digital real estate. More appropriate to this global space is:

“Content, Content, Content.”

Social media is driven by thoughts. Thoughts become ideas. Ideas become action.

Commonalities and relationships are forged because of thoughts and similar experiences.

Sharing content is always what sets you apart from others.

What if I have nothing to say?

Have you ever thought to yourself that everything meaningful has already been said? Maybe it has. I’m sure there is another blogging series or posts that are better than this one. But this is my creation and the words come out in my voice.

Believe me, you, too, have ideas. You have your own style. You have a voice. You can add value to the world. Are you worried you’ll just state the obvious? Maybe the obvious isn’t that obvious.

“Everybody’s ideas seem obvious to them. Maybe what’s obvious to me is amazing to someone else.” Derek Sivers 

Where do I get ideas?

Really, you know more than you think. Do your customers frequently ask the same questions? Do you find that you explain processes often with a subconscious script? You may need to ask yourself questions or respond to prompts or brainstorm with a friend or coworker. But you have ideas.

Also, lots of content creators like Tess Wittler give their ideas for free. I recently downloaded her free e-book, “52 Content Ideas for Residential Contractors” which has given me plenty to think about especially since the ideas are arranged by topic.

Blogging is like making meatloaf.

Wait. What?

Every day in this country someone prepares a meal for their family to consume around the proverbial dinner table while they catch up with each other. Think: Norman Rockwell. Now think of a dish that has been served from coast to coast in America since you can remember. Did you think of meatloaf?

How many meatloaf recipes do you think exist? I googled “meatloaf recipe” and there were over seven million results. SEVEN MILLION. How can there be seven million recipes when the basic ingredients of meatloaf are ground meat, an egg, and breadcrumbs?

Yet almost everyone I know has their own twist on this classic dish. My aunt uses steel-cut Irish oats. My friend Steve uses turkey meat and mustard powder. My mom makes a birthday cake out of it!

Take the standard meatloaf and make it your own. Dress up the potatoes. Serve it with a salad. Make your own lemonade. Your style makes the dish your own.

That’s how content creation is. We all have a unique set of experiences that influence how we see the world. That perspective gives us a voice in the content creation world.

Are you going to stop making meatloaf because it’s been overplayed? Will your family be denied the meatloaf experience because now you’re a shy cook? No. This is absurd. You have an audience sitting right at your dinner table. No matter how you make your meatloaf, if you consistently feed people, you’ll have grasped this key to social media: content.

What kinds of content can I create?

A tweet is a sentence or two.

A post can be paragraphs long.

A blog post can be 300-800 words.

An ebook is can be 10-100 pages.

Other content forms include song, video, photography, graphic art, the canvas. It is only limited by your imagination.

All of that content can be shared using your social media platform of choice.

Roll up your sleeves, pick a platform, and get to work.

Sound Off:

Am I wrong? Have I finally gone off the deep end? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.

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