Keys To Being Social: Be Present

Are we in a race to be noticed?

Do we take time to really enjoy the moment we’re in?

Recently, during a Women In Business Today interview, Kittie Walker of Avidmode brought up an interesting point.

“Networking events aren’t speed dating.” Kittie Walker 

She makes an excellent point about having deep, meaningful conversations.

Of course, I had to apply that to social media.

I noticed a feeling that I’ve been behind on Facebook. I feel pressure to like and comment and I find myself scrolling – looking for things to like. So I like, and like, and like. Whew. I’m caught up.

What have I really accomplished?

I always go to my lists on Facebook first, primarily to notice posts from my family members. That said, there’s a feeling that I’m missing something. It dawned on me. I’ve become that jerk looking around the room for someone else to talk to while I’m in the middle of a conversation – the post right in front of me.

I don’t want to be that person. I didn’t start out as that person.

If there’s someone I’m truly curious about, I can always look up their name and see what posts I’ve missed by them. The last week or so I’ve just trusted Facebook to show me what they think I should see.

It’s not always easy to comment and, quite frankly, content creators and curators like myself, are always pushing our audience to read something then comment, but Kitty’s thought is in my head.

Isn’t it better for me to engage with this one person right now than to scroll-like-scroll-like?

And, if Person X always posts content you or I don’t like on Facebook then perhaps it is time to question the connection.

How does it make me feel when I’m ignored?

Am I really that busy or am I too lazy to read that article or watch that video?

These are real questions I have to ask myself.

Am I present or just online?

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What do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts.

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