Is Your Blog Bogging Me Down?

guru logoI admit that my advice comes from my own pet peeves.  That’s my disclaimer; however, as a high user, I’d say that’s also a qualifier.

I know that not everyone wants help, yet I continue to stand atop my soap box in the hope that I may reach a few weary souls. That’s who I am.

Blog posts should be short.  We’re not writing our doctoral dissertation here people.  My guideline is about 300-500 words per post.  More than that and I find myself doing one of two things:

Either I “favorite” the post for later, agonize about how I haven’t read it, and end up deleting the email to myself or I simply bounce.

Given my tendency to opinion-ate, you can imagine what my husband has to listen to over the dinner table. It’s an exchange of sorts.  Automobiles for Facebook, Football for Twitter, etc.  But I am getting through.

Last night, referring to agonizingly long posts, my husband said:

“they’re no longer a blog, they’re a bog.

He’s clever like that so I tweeted:!/YouTooCanBeGuru/status/116335201063411713

Here’s a quick list of things that make me want to bounce:

  1. Visually Distracting:  If there are too many animated gifs on your page that gives me onset epilepsy, I’m out.  It doesn’t matter how good your content is.  There is a political site I love here in California and I can’t stand to read their articles.  If I have to copy the blog and paste it into Word just to read it, then that’s just too much work.
  2. Grammar: Yes, it counts.  Proofread your posts.  If you are unable to do so, find a friend to edit you. Syntax, punctuation, and spelling makes the world go ’round.  It’s key to deciphering your content.  If people can’t read through the first paragraph without getting their Orphan Annie Decoder Ring to try to discern what in the world you are saying, then you need to rewrite.
  3. Legibility:  Yes, free themes are a pain.  First of all, they’re free.  But, you’ve got to pick something with a font color that is easy enough to read, not to mention size.  Some of us are getting old ’round these parts.
  4. Monotonous:  If your post is long and has several long paragraphs never broken up by any graphics, bullet points, etc, then it is hard to read. After reading a few blog posts from big name people where a paragraph had one or two sentences, I took license myself.  It’s easier to read.  Also, add at least one graphic.  Yes, getting an image can be a pain, but I took the suggestion myself a few years ago.  It also posts better on Facebook.

As with all of my advice, it comes unsolicited but I double-dog dare you to re-evaluate your blogging strategy.

Bonus Words:  You are no longer obligated to read the following.

That said:

PS. I’m sure that self-hosting your blog with SEO is a good thing to do (not for me at the moment as I just want to vent-err educate).  That said, if you want to know more about that kind of thing, check out my buddy Pam’s site:  Pam Ann Marketing – She’s the SEO Queen.

    • [I am not a paid affiliate nor did she pay me to advertise for her.  I’m saving myself a step by recommending her to you now which is what I would do if you asked me about SEO.  I know just enough to get me into trouble.]

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