How to Write Powerful Digital Product Copy

One of the most difficult aspects of writing powerful digital product copy is the fact that the product is, indeed, digital. Ones and zeros leave quite a bit lacking for our sensory systems and we all know that the number one rule of sales is, “Put the product in their hands.” So, how can you write powerful digital copy? We’ll break it down.

Product is product is product, but selling digital product relies upon copy more than any other kind of product. Let’s take what sells from the physical world and apply it to digital products: the senses. Powerful descriptors, using the imagination to put the customer there, and, of course demonstrating value.

Use the Senses

Powerful descriptors like “new” or “you” speak to the customer. Powerful adjectives help the reader sense the appeal while imagining themselves touching the product. Digital products range from entertainment to tools — music, videos, software, and books. It’s all about how your product impacts their life. Apple does this well, not just with physical products like their iPhone, but with music and TV.

“Focus your copy on the reader. Use the word you more often than your brand and product names.” Kissmetrics

Your headline should be compelling and tempting enough to read. This is always a struggle of whether to use pop culture to reach your audience or write for Google. People respond to clever copy, but be careful that it’s not so clever that the meaning is completely lost. You do, after all, want to sell your digital product.

What you have besides words is imagery. Create a brand and keep with it. Create powerful visuals — this uses the senses. Whether you have a cute mascot that helps customers along the way or are kitschy with your copy, be consistent. Your customers should know it’s your brand that created this digital copy. Your consistent brand voice, visuals, and website (of course) will all make writing compelling copy for your digital store seamless and easy.

Along with the visual is photographs of your team, users in testimonials, and video of the product in action. This all speaks to the senses. Level up your digital product marketing with a jingle, and you’ve awakened most of the senses. Understand your customer and write.

Be the Customer

The customer needs to feel the product — not just in their hands. They need to sense who they are with it. Think of how cars and watches are sold to successful men. It’s about status sometimes. It’s about being the first with iPhones. It’s about beauty and acceptance with cosmetic sales. How does that relate to digital product? They all touch the identity of the buyer.

So who is your customer now that they have your digital product? What is lacking in themselves that will be made better with their purchase? This takes a bit of disconnect on your part. You’re not the customer; you’re the creator. Forget all of the sleep you lost and the time you’ve spent building it. Who is your customer? What do they need? In order to write powerful digital product copy, you have to become your customer.

Help them imagine their life with this product. Use persuasive words, feelings, and emotions. Write realistic hypotheticals that can be solved with your digital product. Set the scene.

One of the ways to understand your customer is to develop a buyer persona. You’ve no doubt read this. Honestly, it’s hard to write a good persona without them being flawed and full of presumptions. A better way to understand your buyer is to do research by observing them within their natural habitat (read: community).

“When you’re on the frontline, fighting your ideal buyer’s objections with them, arm in arm, communicating in a way that’s familiar, your copy will practically write itself.” Sleeknote

Many people recommend reading a subreddit, like Sleeknote does in their article, but I prefer Twitter lists.

Follow your customers, put them on a list, and spend ten minutes a day just reading what they say. Be Jane Goodall. Study. Observe. You’ll know all of the pain points your customers have and how your digital product will serve them best. Think like your customer and you’ll write in a way that will convert your customer. Don’t forget the call to action either. It matters.

Demonstrate Value

Now that you’ve described your ideal product, and how it feels and sounds, and you’ve reached your ideal customer, you are ready to talk value. Don’t forget that people make decisions based upon emotions and justify those decisions later with facts. So be sure to write powerful copy about your digital product that is fact based.

This can be difficult because it’s hard for the creator to distance themselves emotionally from their creation. You may need to outsource this part or have someone else on your team write the value.

“When we sell our own products, we get excited about features and specifications. We live and breathe our company, our website, and our products. The problem is our potential buyers are not as interested in mundane features and specs—they want to know what’s in it for them. That’s why you need to highlight the benefits of each feature.” Shopify

Value to you and value to your customers are different things. Speak to their identities. Speak to their budgets. Speak to their workflow. Whatever it is that makes your digital product worth the second look and purchase, depends upon your consumer. This is why understanding them best is the key. You cannot sell to people you do not understand.

Always write the value proposition in a way that tells your customer how it benefits them. Features outside of that will not help. Put those features in the tech specs at the bottom.

Writing digital product copy is easy. Writing powerful digital product copy is hard. You need to spend time understanding your product the way your customers see it. Understand they way they will experience it. Understand how they will sense it. Use your words. Use the power of persuasion. Be concise. Good luck!

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