Twitter by far is my favorite network and I have written and spoken about it profusely.

I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but here are the posts you may find helpful in your Twitter journey.

The ten video series called “Peddling Petals” is here if you just want to jump in.

Which is better for you Facebook or Twitter?  Read this.

How do I set up the account?

Read “Baby Steps To the Tweet” for the step-by-step written guide.


Your First Tweet

Who do I follow?

Following People by Interest:

Following People by Geography:

Use Twitter’s List Feature:

Organizing Your Twitter Stream: Use Lists

Engaging: Replying and Retweeting Others

Why I Favorite Tweets Even if They are My Own

Why I don’t Use Twitter’s Retweet Button

Ten ways to be Retweetable

Retweet Styles – It’s like jeans; there’s a fit for everyone

How do I follow people back?

How do I respond to replies and retweets?

What should I tweet?

Content: Just Elbow Your Way In

What is a Hashtag?

Read about it here.

What’s a Twitter Chat?

Everything I Know About Twitter Chats I Learned At the Dog Park

Using Hootsuite to Use the Power of Lists

One of the reasons why I prefer Hootsuite is that the lists (columns) are the same on desktop and mobile. The functionality is amazing.


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