What’s The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

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What’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” And as always, the best tool is the one you use. In this post I’ll let you know the WordPress SEO plugin I use. It’s RankMath. I pay for the Pro Version which is $59 per year.  Does Your…

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What’s The Best WordPress Form Plugin?

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What’s the best form plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” How about if I tell you what WordPress form I use and why instead? What’s the Best Form Plugin for WordPress? The best form plugin for WordPress is the one you use. Yes. I have a saying, “the best…

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The Definitive Guide To Twitter Marketing Strategy

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Note: This post is over 7,000 words and will take about 25 minutes to read. You can purchase it on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback if that is more convenient. Twitter marketing is too valuable to ignore for any type of business. Yet so many businesses undervalue Twitter in their overall marketing strategy. It’s super…

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The Four Seasons of WordPress Core Updates — 2021

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If you’re not subscribed to the Make WordPress Core Blog, then this post is for you. Update 30 Mar 2021 The preplanning for WordPress 5.8 has a timetable and there is now a 21 day RC window (June 29 – July 20). WordPress 5.8 drops 20 July 21. Update 13 Mar 2021 The roadmap has been…

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