Good design produces results. It’s that simple. I had an okay design and okay results. After Rhonda from Fat Dog Creatives redesigned my home page, my bounce rate went down 10% — overnight. (This was for 2019’s redesign.)

Quick Lessons

I have never felt so loved and empowered as I do right now. She understands my brand. She understands me. I even ordered a polo with my logo to wear during presentations.

Hire. Hire. Hire.

“Redesigns aren’t about where the brand is today. It needs to also be aspirational—communicating future goals for the brand, where it’s going.” Rhonda Negard


My bounce rate went down by 11% overnight. The time on site rose to well above 3 minutes. That means, visitors are spending more time on the page — like actually reading it and looking it over!

Brief History of

So, I built this site in 2015 and told the story about it in a lengthly post. It was hard.

As I’ve been doing this as a side hustle since 2009, I just kept futzing with the theme and such and not paying attention. I just do what I can. It’s fine.

Fast forward to 2017

I lost my dream job through no fault of my own. This plot twist reaffirmed a lot of who I wanted to be. I had a vision for a tattoo that would remind me that I can be both fierce and feminine. I can advocate for myself and my clients with their voice and my own.

My Tattoo Became my Brand

Cheryl and Sherrie LaPrade did an excellent job turning my tattoo into my logo and gave me font pairings and colors. I implemented this to the best of my ability. I’m very happy with how it came out.

I wanted a square version and Rhonda of Fat Dog Creatives made that for me.

But still. I was restless.

Jocelyn Mozak Does a Site Audit

My friend Jocelyn Mozak from Mozak Design was giving away free website audits. She gave me one. It was kind but yeah, I had some work to do.

Watch it here to see what she said and how my site used to look.

Bridget is not a designer.

As much as I love Canva, I’m no designer. I do the best I can and mostly that’s enough. But I thought my site still needed help. Because I’m a content writer at heart and everything needs a featured image, the only thing I could think of was a hero image. So, I messaged Rhonda and asked if she would make me a hero image.

Bottom line: “No babe, it doesn’t work that way.” <– That’s the Bridget Version.

Rhonda’s Mockup and Bridget’s Reaction

I saw the image but was like, what? I don’t want some stock photo of not me. She gently reminded me that the site isn’t about me. It’s about my customers.

They need to imagine themselves as my client. This made sense to me because that is how realtors stage homes to sell. The families need to imagine themselves living there.

Rhonda is my hero.

I tried my best to make these implementations. It was okay. Rhonda asked for site and hosting access and had it working and live in no time. She even fell in love with Beaver Builder in the process.

I can’t wait to have budget for her to redesign the rest.

For now, I love my curb appeal.

The Story on WPBlab

In the video below, I talk with Jason Tucker about the process and the people who helped me along the way.

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