I'm thankful for my clients.


Who are Bridget's Clients?

If everyone is your client, no one is. We know this.

In my core, my mission is to empower small businesses and agencies to find their voice, to use their power, to elevate their brand.

What does that mean? It means I perform a variety of services from teaching, consulting, to social media management in order to help my clients be their best online and off.

Social Media Management

These are some of my clients for whom I manage their online presence.

Postmatic Logo

Postmatic is one of my favorite content distribution services. If you subscribe to this blog, you've seen it in action.

They've been a Twitter Pro Client for me since December of 2017 and I occasionally write for their blog. Thank you, Jason Lemieux for your trust.

Pressable Logo Where WordPress Works Best

Pressable, a managed WordPress host, has been a Twitter Pro client since January of 2018. They added Facebook Page and LinkedIn management in May of 2018. It's also where I host this site since April of 2018.

I met Jeff Mulholland at WCUS in 2017 (thanks for the referrals Andrea Middleton and James Tryon). Meeting people is never a bad thing and it is a great reason to attend a WordCamp, among others.

"Bridget has a knack for representing brands on social media. Our team needed to build our social audience, identify key influencers, and craft better social posts, so we contracted Bridget to help. She's delivered, and she goes the extra mile to make sure she's doing right by our team and our customers. I recommend Bridget for anyone looking to give they're social media presence a shot in the arm." Jeff Mulholland, COO Pressable 


Staging Pilot, created by my friend Nathan Tyler, is a platform that helps WordPress-based agencies and freelancers save time with Maintenance Services.

Staging Pilot has been a Twitter Pro client since February 2018.

Marketing Consultation

Sometimes you need a professional to consult when you have an idea, or a flavor of an idea, and you're not sure what the next steps are.

Consulting with business owners is sometimes like counseling. I love to see their faces light up when they become inspired and see the reality of their dreams come true.


I met Anil Gupta, President and CEO of Multidots, at WordCamp Europe in 2017.

I currently consult them on product development, features, pricing, and marketing strategy.

I can't tell you the product until it launches. 🙂

10milemover.com logo

I was lucky enough to meet Andy Ingram of 10milemover.com through a referral from Kathi Conroy. It's fun to brainstorm with clients and help them get on track.

I cannot wait to see how this brand grows and develops.

Even more, the friendship.

Social Media Education

My passion is to teach social media to business owners -- no one knows your business as well as you do.

Destination Wedding Experts

I've been teaching Eileen from Destination Wedding Experts social media (Twitter, Instagram) over a few phone calls.

It's rewarding to see her posts come across my feed.

Thanks to Rebecca Gill for the referral.

Past Clients

Tonya Mork of Know the Code contracted with me in May and June of 2017 to build and manage the Twitter account for the Profitable WP Developer Workshop.

The workshop intensive was postponed but the friendship continued. She has a great heart for mentorship and I'm proud to call her a friend.

Profitable WP Developer Conference Logo

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