What I've learned a year into the #GuruMinute.

One year into the Guru Minute

Thanks for taking the #GuruMinute journey with me. Here are some things I’ve learned.
It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started a project I thought would fail.

How it started:

Tweets. Of course.

And then she sent it to Ted Rubin who retweeted it.

A year and 45 videos later:

What I’ve learned a year into the Guru Minute video series.

1. If you don’t try, you’ll fail.

2. You don’t need the best equipment but a tripod helps.

3. The first take is best.

What brought you to social media? What keeps you? My Story with Video

Let me tell you my story in the video below and, hopefully, encourage you, too.


But the gist, if you just want to read is here:

Originally with my CD release in 2004, I sought to promote and sell (MySpace etc.).

In 2007, I started my original Twitter account after hearing about it on Leo Laporte.

Hotspots and Hangouts – My reflections from jumping off the ice.

Have you ever thought to “live broadcast” a presentation while out on the road? Here are my thoughts post HOA.
Hangout On Air
Here I am waiving to the online live hangout audience.

Have you ever thought to “live broadcast” a presentation while out on the road?

During last night’s #KidneyChat, a few of us were talking about Hangouts On Air and some of the challenges on the road. At Carol Stephen’s suggestion, I am writing this post.

By the way you can watch the actual presentation on my Facebook Page.

I thought a live broadcast would be fun to try when I was invited to be one of Darrel Cole’s panelists (blog post is here) for the ACEC Annual Conference in Monterey, CA.  I wanted my boss and my mom to see it. First part of the live HOA is here: