What in the world is Pinterest? (Not another social network…)

What in the world is Pinterest? You, too, can be a guru.


When I first saw it my immediate thoughts were twofold:

1.  A giant photo gallery? Seriously?

2.  Another social network to join, monitor. Great.

I will admit, for someone who normally jumps in the deep end with both feet, I was skeptical and reluctant.  After using it for several months, I finally understood it.

Mind Your Manners, *Especially* on Facebook

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“Civility costs nothing and buys everything.”

Mary Worley Montagu

Every society has a culture. Cultures have rules, implied or explicit.  Social media is still a society and dare I say the rules that exist “in real life” also exist on the digital extensions of your communities.

It’s up to you to make Facebook (et al) what you want it to be.

When posting, ask yourself the following question:

“Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?”

I would recommend against using Facebook for the following types of posts:

  1. Venting about Family Drama:  We get it. Your aunt is asking you to clean her cat box and you’re sick and tired of it and why doesn’t your sister help clean out the cat box anyway?  Seriously?  There is such a thing as appropriateness of venue.  I’m sure your complaints are valid. My point is that Facebook is not the place for this bone-picking.
    •  If you need to vent may I suggest:
    1. Type out your rant in Word, print it, and rip it into a million shreds.  That can be very cathartic.
    2. Call or email your aunt and explain why you don’t want to clean her cat box and offer another solution.
  • Venting About a Coworker:  People steal staplers. It’s annoying. Repeated over time, it can drive you crazy. If you need to vent, may I suggest one of the aforementioned suggestions or starting a blog. (ah-hem, moving on…) Read more Mind Your Manners, *Especially* on Facebook
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends “Retweet” #FF Shoutouts

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    Dear Twittersphere:

    Yes, I do feel like my calling is to be a superhero. I presume people don’t know what they’re doing and feel compelled to educate.  That’s the end my disclaimer.

    The Problem:

    A few years ago, Twitter took what was an organic movement, the retweet (RT), and made a button.

    Buttons don’t always make things easy, much to the dismay of Staples “That Was Easy” Marketing Plan.

    Pressing a button does not constitute engagement.

    I don’t know how to say this any other way.  Why would you expect people to respond to you if you behave this way?

    I often see the question in a tweet: why aren’t people responding to me?

    Now, until recently, you didn’t even “know” that someone pressed the Retweet Button unless you used a third party application like TweetDeck (now owned by Twitter) so it was even more pointless than it is now.

    But I digress. Read more Friends Don’t Let Friends “Retweet” #FF Shoutouts

    Have it on my desk by morning, in quadruplicate

    guru logoWhen I worked for a trucking company in 1991, I had to type freight bills on a typewriter on NCR paper (younger folks may have to Google those terms).  The bills were four to seven sheets thick because everybody and their mom got a copy.

    I’ve noticed a trend lately that has me concerned with the growing popularity of Social Media: Triplicate or Quadruplicate postings.

    This is the elephant in the room.  In my world, often the friends we want to support the most, although enthusiastic, are some of the greater offenders in this area.

    We hint, tweet out great articles, with no avail.  Passive aggressive tweeting, although cathartic, results in no behavioral change.


    Let me apologize now if you are offended by any of the following.  However, I feel compelled to speak my mind on this subject.

    I’m going to have to make a choice. There is no way I am going to follow you on Twitter, be your friend on Facebook, like your Page, connect with you on LinkedIN and follow your Company, put you in my G+ circle and +1 your Company page if all of your posts are identical.

    You may think I am overreacting.  However, I think I raise valid points. Read more Have it on my desk by morning, in quadruplicate