Why Service-Based Businesses Need to Care about Blogging

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Does it feel like your contractor website or service-based business doesn’t need a blog? Because it does. Let’s help you get started blogging. A Blog is a Website with Benefits We’re all manic about blogs. Everyone has one. It’s a little overwhelming at times but it needn’t be. It’s just a log. On the web.…

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How to Correctly Format a Blog Post

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When you write a blog post it’s more than just an essay that you used to write for school projects. You need to write in a way that’s educational, informative, and slightly entertaining. This is marketing copy; it’s not a term paper. A blog post is not a journalistic article. People are used to seeing…

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Auditing Your Blog Posts – Keep, Delete, Revise

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As your website grows and you’ve been regularly publishing, there comes a time to audit your blog. What articles should you keep, delete, or revise? Auditing Your Site Is A Lot of Work So, when will you audit your site? You could do this every quarter or every year. It really depends upon your industry…

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How To Be A Good Podcast Guest

So, you've been invited to be a podcast guest. Great. How can you do it well. Easy: be a good podcast guest. Wait. Not so easy.

Being a guest on a podcast is an important way to market yourself. As Warren Laine-Naida would say, being a podcast guest is great off-page SEO. You’re finally invited to be a guest. Easy right? Wait. Let’s talk about this a little bit. To get the best response to the podcast — and to be…

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Are One-Word Comments Really That Bad? TL;DR No

So many people rant and rave about comments that aren’t “valuable.” Are one-word comments really that bad? TL;DR: No. It’s called small talk. All comments on your blog and social media posts are valuable including one-word comments. Comments are reactions to posts. Have you read this? Why a single word comment is next to useless…

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