Did Your Audience Change Or Did You?

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You feel it. It’s a sense of something changing. You can’t quite put your finger on it but it’s there. It’s eluding you. Maybe your audience is changing. Maybe you’re not quite keeping up with the trends. You already missed Snapchat and TikTok. Do you need to set up a Discord server? Maybe your audience…

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Are You Determined to Be a Freelancer? Start Today.

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There are so many articles about how to become a freelancer or how to start. It’s crazy. We read stories from people like Ryan Robinson who kept his day job until his freelancing earned six figures. SIX. FIGURES. Swoon. I’m not even close to six figures. “I grew my freelance business to over six figures in…

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Time Blocking Tips – Protect Your Value

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If you’re curious about how I approach time blocking this is it. Establish Boundaries Audit Your Time Be Self Aware “Not all hours are equal.” Chris Lema  After you block your time, stick to it. It doesn’t matter which tool or app you use. The best tool is the one that you consistently use. Choose…

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Keep Telling People What You Do

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Do you need clients? We all do. How do you let people know what you do? It’s so important to keep telling people what you do — not in a smarmy way — but as it is appropriate. If you stop marketing, people stop thinking of you. Read that again. When we first start, we’re…

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