Outsourcing Twitter is a scary thing for many hands-on companies, agencies, and plugin shops. When you own a business, you’re so used to doing everything. Until it’s just too much for you to handle — properly — on your own.

Who is Codebrain Media?

Codebrain Media is a premium WordPress development agency with the skills and resources to take any project from napkin conception to live. Cindy and Sarah have built a great agency with a unique company culture which they ruthlessly protect.

They are more than capable of doing a $250 website or a web project that costs six figures. And, they have and continue to do so.

How was Codebrain marketing on Twitter before?

Before they hired me, Sarah Pressler was handling all of the marketing, including Twitter. I met Sarah when she was working with ServerPress back in 2015 and I was tweeting for WordCamp Los Angeles.

We were friendly online but when we met in person, we knew we’d always be friends. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already.

What was the problem with Codebrain’s Twitter?

So, what was the problem with Codebrain’s Twitter account? On the surface? Nothing. Sarah is quite capable of tweeting. In fact, most of the top tweets, even from May are ones she composed.

The problem is that it is distracting for her — the business owner — to manage the company’s Twitter account and focus on the systems and processes, finances, and sales for Codebrain.

It simply wasn’t a good use of her billable hours.

What’s more, the basic admin work that comes with properly managing a brand’s Twitter account (think relationship marketing, Twitter lists, follower management, cycled content), was not being done. In fact, the frequency of company’s tweets were erratic.

In February, they tweeted seven times. That rose to 154 in March and went back down to 85 in April. With the Twitter Basic plan there is a guarantee of 22 tweets a month — not including replies. So, Sarah is free to tweet at her heart’s fancy, knowing the basic management is being done.

Codebrain and Bridget – A Match Made in, well, The Cloud

Sarah knew that I was running Twitter specials (as I do from time to time). She signed up for my Twitter Basic plan and away we went. I began to follow people and list them. I scheduled tweets to go out daily (1/3 of which to the company web property).

I was able to establish a regular cadence to the Codebrain Twitter account. This is an important part of remaining top-of-mind and focusing upon building and maintaining brand awareness.

Outsourcing to Bridget – The Results

It’s early days, admittedly, but quite a dramatic change for month over month. One of the metrics, I personally use is Tweets to Profile visits. I like that ratio to be above .20.

Sure, tweets increased — somewhat dramatically — but impressions more than doubled. Profile visits and mentions doubled as well.  More profile visits mean more traffic to your website and more potential for leads. When it takes seven to ten touches to make a sale, Twitter is a huge part of that healthy marketing campaign.

April May
Tweets 85 271
Impressions 19,000 53,600
Profile Visits 338 716
Mentions 49 99
New Followers 12 73
Tweets:Profile Visits .25 .38

Impressions in May were more than double that of April 2019.

April 2019 only earned 19,000 impressions.

Not only that, but Sarah was able to focus on other things. She sent me a text shortly after I started that not having that on her shoulders allowed her to focus on closing quite a big development contract.

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