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Bridget's Services

I help build relationships and elevate brand awareness for clients that are:

  • WordPress agencies,
  • Plugin developers,
  • Nonprofits,
  • Contractors, and
  • Coaches

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Small Business Marketing for You

As a small business owner you do enough in a work day. Right? Why not outsource your social media to someone you can trust with your brand?

Any time is a good time to freshen up your social media skills, get a Twitter audit, or even hire me to manage your social media for you. After all, you have better things to do like run your business.

My terms are simple: prepaid for full or partial months - no refunds.

I don't require long-term contracts. It's your business. You decide. Month on month off? Fine. Scale up? Fine. Scale down? Fine. It's your business. You choose.

My Committment To You

I have several Twitter accounts that I manage including Codebrain Media, WP and UP, Amplify Plugins, Press Captain, Cipher Development, Fooman Extensions, Andrews Wharton, Postmatic, Hapity, Fat Dog Creatives, and Media Ron LLC. Some of my Twitter Lite clients pulse on and off.

My commitment to you is that I don't take competing products. When you hire me you get me. You don't get an intern and you don't get automation. I hand curate your content. I spend time in the home feed. I adhere to best practices.

Your friend,

Bridget teaching about relationship marketing at OC WordPress Business Meetup - 2018.


Twitter Pro

$1150 Per Month
  • Create a spreadsheet with 3 posts scheduled per business day for approval in two sections per month. Includes list building, engagement, follower and following maintenance, relevant insight, and basic reporting. Average of 66 tweets. Prepaid monthly.

Twitter Basic

$650 Per Month
  • Create a spreadsheet with 1 post scheduled per business day for approval in two sections per month. Includes list building, engagement, follower and following maintenance, relevant insight, and basic reporting. Average of 22 tweets. Prepaid monthly.

Twitter Lite

$250 Month
  • Average of 15 posts per month, list maintenance, follower and following maintenance, relevant insight and basic reporting. Not subject to promotional discounts. Prepaid monthly.

Twitter Audit

$75 Each
  • I will study your Twitter account and deliver a written report with actionable suggestions.

Facebook Basic

$300 Month
  • 1-2 posts a week with photos and captions provided by the client and/or blog posts. Following and engaging with relevant Facebook Pages to gain exposure outside of client's current following. Also includes engagement (replies) on client posts. Terms: Prepaid Monthly, full or partial months. No Refunds.

LinkedIn Lite

$150 Per Month
  • Weekly posts with engagement (replies, etc) on client topics and/or with content from client. Prepaid monthly.

Engagement Only

$200 Month
  • You post. I engage. This could be either for Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Follows, comments, and replies are engagement. Not subject to promotional discounts.

Blog Post

$150 Each
  • Short-Form Content: I will write a 300-500 word post for your site. Delivery on Google Doc. Not subject to promotional discounts.

Content Refresh

$50 Each
  • I will rewrite your content for $50 each. What does this include? Draft blog posts, landing page, home page, about page.


$175 Per Hour
  • Feeling stuck? It happens to us all. I can help. Let's chat over the phone, video, or in person.

Group Classes

$25 Per Student
  • I will come to your office or event to train your staff or group of friends. Minimum of 6 students. Prepaid.

Looking for something else?

What are your budget constraints? Contact me with the form below and I'll prepare a custom proposal. Let's do something within your budget and grow together. I have a secret menu for this exact reason.

Are you an agency?

I work with several agencies. However, my rates are unpublished which allows you to mark it up.

If you are an agency looking for a little extra help, reach out for a proposal.

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"I am so glad I asked Bridget to help me with content rewriting for my website. All she needed to know was who my ideal client was and she took it from there. Bridget was able to rewrite my copy so that it spoke to the needs of my clients and told them exactly how I could help them. She was very professional to work with. I will be using Bridget's services again, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my clients." Larry James

"I worked closely with Bridget for about a year while she was at Thought House. Working with franchisees can be particularly challenging because the range of online marketing knowledge is often quite significant. Bridget took her role as a consultant and advisor very seriously and helped to host monthly webinars geared toward our business owners. She is an excellent trainer and communicator, and did a fine job of never making anyone feel overwhelmed." Katie Rexrode

"Bridget's Twitter coaching has been transformational. 

I used to use Facebook exclusively and avoided Twitter at all cost. After a single session with Bridget I understood exactly how to wrangle Twitter and make it work for my business. 

Now Twitter is a key part of my social media marketing. I'm building relationships and growing my online visibility. I even, I dare say, prefer it to Facebook somedays!

If you've ever wondered how to get more out of your existing social media presence, reach out to Bridget. She is a wealth of knowledge and practical experience." Jocelyn Mozak

"Not only is Bridget Willard constantly sharing helpful tips via her blog and youtube channel, she's constantly evolving through learning and keeping her knowledge up to date, something that's very important in the tech world. AND she is so fun, I love her energy." Meg Delagrange

"Bridget is a pleasure to work with. She and I, since 2015, have been hosts of WPblab, a YouTube channel and audio podcast helping people in the WordPress realm improve their marketing efforts for their small businesses. Bridget is the yin to my yang when it comes to marketing. She is more boots-on-the-ground and I'm more systems management. Overall, she works well with her fellow marketers as well as with highly technical folks like me. If you are looking for someone that can interface well with technical people she's your woman." Jason Tucker 

“Bridget has been a mentor to me, and much of my success as a social media manager at Cincinnati Youth Collaborative can be attributed to her investment in my professional development. Bridget is an expert on best practices concerning Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the time that I've known Bridget I have seen CYC's following increase dramatically. During fiscal 2017 I was able to grow CYC's Facebook following by 46%, and reach by 75%. Bridget's guidance has been nothing short of transformative for CYC's online presence.” Jacqueline Moses Treftz
"I met Bridget at a web development conference. She was one of the speakers. I connected with Bridget on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook and learned quickly that she knows her web development and digital marketing topics well. She is a true professional; and I highly recommend her consulting services." Lori Thomas
"Bridget somehow manages to balance her job responsibilities along with keeping track of all the social media accounts, but what I really know her for is her generosity. She shares ideas, information, and connections easily and freely, without any thought of getting something in return. She truly enjoys giving. Any company would be blessed to have her, as we all are to be connected to her." Carol Stephen
"Bridget is extremely knowledgeable in Social Media. She's not afraid to share information, whether it's her own blog postings on how to improve your presence, or other articles she's read. I look to Bridget for advice on how to make my own improvements. I trust her knowledge and she spends a lot of time researching and implementing what she learns in Social Media. Bridget is always open to answer my questions, which you don't find very often. I'd say she's a true leader!" Amy Donohue