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Content-Focused Marketing

Building Relationships Online the Right Way

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Walk Into a Bar, and the Bartender Says...

Just kidding. If three marketers walked into a bar, they’d be doing all of the talking and the bartender couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

But seriously. Think about the last time you walked into a bar (remember those days?) and looked for your favorite libation. How do you find it? Do you ask the bartender, look at the menu, or glance behind the bar scanning for the shape and color of your favorite bourbon?

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Familiar. Approachable. Satisfying.

Ambiance, the friendliness of staff, and your bartender pouring your drink when you sit down. It’s the same way with building brand awareness. Creating awareness online while cultivating relationships makes your business stand out in the crowd of scheduled tweets.

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Want customers on your site?

Let’s sit down, have a drink, and talk about your business.

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Social Media Management


Are you tired of spending your billable hours on marketing? You love what you do and would prefer that someone else handle marketing. I got you. Enjoy your work, leave it to me, and savor the results.

Social Media Training


When you have the time, you enjoy participating in the conversation. That’s perfect! Be part of the conversation online. You take pride in your company’s hospitality. Learn the best practices yourself with my free and low-cost resources.

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Savor the Results

Like a Good Bourbon.

An organic approach to social media gives you
growth and valuable business insights.

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Whiskey must be in contact with wood. Whether a new, charred oak barrel like bourbon, or flash aging, generally it takes time to develop flavor. That’s why organic social media management requires a human touch. It takes time to develop a relationship, but it’s worth it.

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So, enjoy the aging one sip at a time.

Want customers on your site?

Let’s virtually sit down, have a drink, and talk about your business.

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Effective social media as a lead generation strategy gives you the opportunity to make sales. With my paid consultation, we can virtually sit down, have a drink, and talk about your business.

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A good social media manager keeps your account active.

A great one makes your brand:
Approachable, Friendly, Familiar

This effective use of social media drives traffic to your website.

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Familiar. Approachable. Satisfying.

Google profile butch ewing

"Less than one month in, and we’re seeing tremendous results! Major uptick in engagement on Facebook and Twitter. We are also seeing considerably more social referral traffic to our website. Today we received our first contact form fill response directly from Twitter! Am I surprised? Nope. Not one bit. Bridget is a pro. She has a proven system. She know what she is doing and delivers. I highly recommend!"

Butch Ewing

Green Cremation Texas

Team Kyle Clayton logo

Bridget is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. From handling my company's social media to brainstorming ways to grow our online presence, Bridget has been a huge help. We've implemented many of her suggestions and have had a lot of success. Bridget is a key part of our team!

Kyle Clayton Gore

Team Clayton

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Bridget has been fantastic in reworking old content to rank higher in search and be more relatable to our readers!

Matt & Sharon Campbell

My Wedding Songs

Digital Thinking With Warren Laine Naida

Bridget is an invaluable part of my SEO, Content Marketing, and WordPress world. It is obvious Bridget began her Marketing work in the Construction sector - she brings a solid foundation of skills that will help you build your own business both online and offline! Are you not getting the right support from your current agency or freelancers? You will with Bridget. Her motto is right on the mark: Your Voice, Your Power, Your Brand. That says it all.

Warren Laine-Naida

Fat Dog Creatives logo

I've learned so much having Bridget manage my Twitter account. I was kicking and screaming about hating Twitter for years. Why was I so resistant? I wish I had paid more attention earlier in our working relationship so I could have been so much further ahead. There's real value in her work, and the greatest value is what she teaches you and me to do with our accounts while she's doing all the real 'work' in them.

Rhonda Negard

Fat Dog Creatives

Media Ron logo

I've hired Bridget several times to update copy and manage my business Twitter account. She always does a thorough job and is an expert at what she does. I would highly recommend Bridget as she is a joy to work with.

Ronald Huereca

Media Ron

Pressable Logo

Bridget is indeed, a social media guru. She helped our brand develop an organic, deep connection within the WordPress community that has been the foundation we were able to build upon. Her engagement is authentic and meaningful, and her dedication to the brands she represents is reliable.

She'll tell you what she thinks is best regardless if it is what you think you want to hear, she'll challenge you to think broadly about your vision and goals with social, and she'll curate storytelling into each component of your content strategy.

I highly recommend anyone in the WordPress space that wants to have a digital connection but isn't sure how, or doesn't have the time to self manage, to work with Bridget.

Michelle Keefer


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An hour of talking can make an impact!

We have booked an hour-long video call with Bridget and it was totally worth it. She was able to quickly define our main problem and fears associate with it. In addition, tips and tactics on where to start and how to move forward were shared during the meeting.

Before the meeting, I had small doubts that an hour is even enough to cover the intro part of the problems, but it was very productive.

Raitis Sevelis

Visual Composer

Logo for Design Frame Solutions

We hired Bridget to help us handle our social media presence. Not only has she single-handedly managed, and handled that task, she has also helped educate me on Twitter social media strategies for my personal account.

Alex Standiford


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Bridget was really helpful when we needed assistance with marketing efforts. She worked quickly and was very affordable.

Charlie Tranen

Rebel Mouse

Mozak Design

Bridget's Twitter coaching has been transformational. I used to use Facebook exclusively and avoided Twitter at all cost. After a single session with Bridget I understood exactly how to wrangle Twitter and make it work for my business. Twitter is a key part of my social media marketing. I'm building relationships and growing my online visibility. If you've ever wondered how to get more out of your existing social media presence, reach out to Bridget. She is a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

Jocelyn Mozak

Mozak Design

Gold Star

Bridget is extremely knowledgeable in Social Media. She's not afraid to share information, whether it's her own blog postings on how to improve your presence, or other articles she's read. I look to Bridget for advice on how to make my own improvements. I trust her knowledge and she spends a lot of time researching and implementing what she learns in Social Media. Bridget is always open to answer my questions, which you don't find very often. I'd say she's a true leader!

Amy Donohue

Gold Star

Bridget has been doing excellent work with me consulting for SMB's in the Los Angeles area. We currently work together on both content creation for new websites, as well as social media marketing. All deadlines have been met with time to spare. Every month we see gains in all Social Media platforms she manages for out clients.I highly recommend working with Bridget!

Roy Sivan