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FREE 5-Step SEO Copywriting Workflow for Small Business Owners

By Bridget Willard | July 27, 2022 |
featured image says, "free 5-step seo copywriting workflow"

Hey, Bridget Willard here with Are you wondering how I write? What is my SEO framework? My, my SEO workflow is. I bet you would like that. Free, free, free thing about SEO framework. Not a framework, but a workflow. And, I may add here that Warren Laine-Naida’s SEO book is a must have…

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Featured Image for Google My Business 11 steps to optimizing

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Google My Business? Here Are 11 Steps Toward Optimization.

By Bridget Willard | October 22, 2021

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Google My Business? It should be. If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing, you’re seriously missing out on discoverability and visibility opportunities. Google My Business helps your business get found on Google Maps and in “near me” searches. So, have you claimed your business listing yet? Why…

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Are You Repurposing Your Content? It’s a Missed Opportunity If You Don’t

By Bridget Willard | October 8, 2021

Who likes Missing a Marketing Opportunity? Sometimes repurposing content gets a bad wrap, as if it was week-old leftovers in the fridge. But seriously, that tuna casserole isn’t good anymore — throw it out. Eww. In one of my early blog posts, I talk about how Eric Clapton rearranged “Layla” as a lesson for content…

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Is Your eCommerce Shop Ready for Cyber Monday?

By Bridget Willard | September 25, 2021

Getting your online shop ready for Cyber Monday shouldn’t be as overwhelming as it feels. This is especially true if you start in the summer. My days of being in church leadership taught me one valuable lesson: the holidays descend upon you like an avalanche. Don’t wait to plan these events.  What is Black Friday?…

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How to Overcome a Personal Branding Crisis and Bounce Back

By Andy Cabasso | September 21, 2021

Brands undergo crises perhaps more often than anyone would like to admit. And somehow, they manage to overcome the challenges thrown at them. But what happens when a personal brand is thrown into crisis? Is there any way to recover? Can you bounce back from a personal branding crisis? These are only a few of…

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Answering Questions about Social Media for the Social Champ AMA

By Bridget Willard | September 13, 2021

I had so much fun earlier this month joining Social Champ’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Social Media. I thought it might be fun to offer a recap and a video for these questions for others to benefit outside of the Facebook Group.  We cover topics including how to gain organic reach, hashtag research, influence…

featured image for Is Your Nonprofit Taking Advantage of GivingTuesday?

Is Your Nonprofit Taking Advantage of GivingTuesday?

By Bridget Willard | September 10, 2021

Are you a nonprofit or a foundation? It’s time to start thinking about GivingTuesday. GivingTuesday is a “global movement for generosity,” and it happens the Tuesday after Cyber Monday. When is GivingTuesday? So it goes  American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, which is for in-person businesses. Then you have Small Business Saturday, the shop small movement, which…