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How to Overcome a Personal Branding Crisis and Bounce Back

By Andy Cabasso | September 21, 2021 |
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Brands undergo crises perhaps more often than anyone would like to admit. And somehow, they manage to overcome the challenges thrown at them. But what happens when a personal brand is thrown into crisis? Is there any way to recover? Can you bounce back from a personal branding crisis? These are only a few of…

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Think Twitter is a Waste of Time? Let Me Tell You The Story of a $23,000 Tweet

By Bridget Willard | March 19, 2021

Do you think Twitter is a waste of your time or marketing budget? I’m often asked, “what’s the ROI of a Tweet?” I have an issue with the term ROI; however, let’s go with it for the sake of this post, yes? This is a short case study of one tweet that won me $23k…

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How Do You Find Ideas When You’re Stressed, Stuck, and Behind on Deadlines?

By Bridget Willard | February 25, 2021

Being suck and looking at a blank page — okay, Google Doc — is the worst. You had all of these ideas spinning around through your head and then someone knocked on your door and what was it you were doing again? Okay, just me? That’s fine. Anyway, I was stuck. I went back to…

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Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Content Marketing as an Internal Sales Tool.

By Bridget Willard | February 7, 2021

Content marketing isn’t just for SEO. It’s one of the many reasons to write blog posts. SEO gets all of the attention and glory. It’s like that one beautiful friend we all have who constantly has to be praised and fed compliments. It’s annoying and exhausting.  But that’s not the only friend we have in…

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Are You Determined to Be a Freelancer? Start Today.

By Bridget Willard | January 30, 2021

There are so many articles about how to become a freelancer or how to start. It’s crazy. We read stories from people like Ryan Robinson who kept his day job until his freelancing earned six figures. SIX. FIGURES. Swoon. I’m not even close to six figures. “I grew my freelance business to over six figures in…

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What’s The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

By Bridget Willard | January 22, 2021

What’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” And as always, the best tool is the one you use. In this post I’ll let you know the WordPress SEO plugin I use. It’s RankMath. I pay for the Pro Version which is $59 per year.  Does Your…

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What’s The Best WordPress Form Plugin?

By Bridget Willard | January 10, 2021

What’s the best form plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” How about if I tell you what WordPress form I use and why instead? What’s the Best Form Plugin for WordPress? The best form plugin for WordPress is the one you use. Yes. I have a saying, “the best…