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How To Use Launch With Words to Pitch and Build Roofing Contractor Websites

By Bridget Willard | January 17, 2022 |
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If you’re wondering how to niche down in your website development business, why not go after roofing contractor websites? Launch With Words is the perfect companion.  Roofing Contractor Websites – The Riches are in the Niches If you google roofer marketing, you’ll likely come across a few ads but the number one agency for integrated…

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How To Find Local Businesses and Services After You Move

By Bridget Willard | August 31, 2021

If your business is going to move, I have some advice from my move to San Antonio. After all, being a digital business doesn’t exclude shopping locally. Moving is hard and also easy. Well, let’s stick with “hard” for now. There’s a lot of change which is freeing, but change means you need new doctors,…

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Why Service-Based Businesses Need to Care about Blogging

By Warren Laine-Naida | August 25, 2021

Does it feel like your contractor website or service-based business doesn’t need a blog? Because it does. Let’s help you get started blogging. A Blog is a Website with Benefits We’re all manic about blogs. Everyone has one. It’s a little overwhelming at times but it needn’t be. It’s just a log. On the web.…

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​​What is Worse Than Duplicate Content? No Content.

By Bridget Willard | August 6, 2021

With SEO already being shrouded in mystery and wrapped in an enigma, it’s no wonder why we collectively flinch when we hear the term “duplicate content.” Since launching (pun intended) my plugin, Launch With Words, the fear of duplicate content has been the largest concern. This is my answer. What is worse than duplicate content,…

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Fiction’s Role in Content Marketing — It’s About the Story

By Bridget Willard | July 30, 2021

Does all content marketing have to be nonfiction? These days it feels like we’re being bombarded by facts and lessons and truths. It can be overwhelming. This is why we binge-watch. We turn on our television, open a streaming app, and fall into another world — with other problems and different people.  We want to…

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How Can Small Businesses Supplement Their Website Content?

By Bridget Willard | July 9, 2021

Is your small business blog a bit thinner than you’d like to admit? Maybe you don’t have enough time to write and publish once a week. That’s really normal. I promise. There’s a content curation service called UpContent that I’d love to introduce you to. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with their…

If you've been to the annual event, "A Taste of New Orleans," you likely know and love the nonprofit, San Antonio Zulu Association. They've got events down.

Local Nonprofit Highlight — San Antonio Zulu Association

By Bridget Willard | June 19, 2021

Nonprofits and foundations are passionate at heart and, frankly, don’t always take advantage of natural marketing opportunities or learnings. Why? Generally, they focus on serving their cause and its population and then fundraising becomes a necessary evil. Hoping to help nonprofits shift their mindset to running like a business, Warren Laine-Naida and I are writing,…