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What’s The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

By Bridget Willard | January 22, 2021

What’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” And as always, the best tool is the one you use. In this post I’ll let you know the WordPress SEO plugin I use. It’s RankMath. I pay for the Pro Version which is $59 per year.  Does Your…

Stop Auto Crossposting. Seriously.

By Bridget Willard | November 8, 2011

Just because you can autopost, doesn’t mean you should. To automate cross-posting from platform to platform is a sure way to be ignored by your audience (intentionally or unintentionally). Your audience deserves more respect. The platforms deserve respect. Things can go wrong — really wrong — with sentences being truncated or links missing. It will…

Old School Marketing: “Gimme a Break.”

By Bridget Willard | September 24, 2011

I woke up this morning, okay afternoon, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I remembered this. In 1989 I had a fabulous idea for KitKat, my favorite candy bar. I prepared an alternative logo for them (albeit the copy is in black and white) and wrote a letter explaining my…

Proofread, Proofread, and Proofread

By Bridget Willard | September 23, 2011

I guess I was so excited to qualify for the MiniMoo Klout Perk that I lost all of my obsessive corrective qualities. I signed on, designed my cards, and they arrived today. Excited, I opened them up, took photos, and uploaded them to Twitter and Facebook. Oh, ya, I just noticed. I typed my twitter…

Content: Just Elbow Your Way In

By Bridget Willard | September 15, 2011

So you signed up for Twitter or you finally decided your business should have a page on Facebook. Now what? When I talk (okay, evangelize) to people about their Twitter account or Facebook Page I usually get one of two reactions: The first, admittedly, tends to be more frequent. With the intent of being helpful…

Spam is in the Eye of the Beholder

By Bridget Willard | September 1, 2011

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about spam:  it comes in many flavors.  There’s hard-core spam and then there’s spammy, spam-ish, or spam-like. Bottom line: it’s subjective. I’ve started quite a few rows on twitter regarding my rants about #NOAutoDMs, for example.  I think they’re spammy, other people find them convenient. If you’re wondering if your…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your Twitter Account

By Bridget Willard | August 11, 2011

Breaking down the steps to something large is a great way to accomplish the task. This post shows you how to setup your Twitter account — in baby steps.

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Facebook for Business – I don’t want to be your friend. By @TheFabulousOne

By Bridget Willard | August 9, 2011

  When I saw this post on Amy’s profile, I had to ask permission to cross-post it here.  Often we just need to hear the fundamentals of social media to reinforce what is true. I’m not an expert. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to Social Media and Facebook. For my personal brand, I prefer…

Email: It’s Not an Eighth Grade Paper

By Bridget Willard | July 24, 2011

If you write an email that’s easier to read (scan), you’re more likely to get a response.

Manage Twitter in Less than Five Minutes A Day

By Bridget Willard | June 4, 2011

With time management, you can literally tweet and reply to mentions in five minutes a day. Pair this activity with checking your email in the morning. I promise you have time. Put it in your calendar. Do it every work day for a month. Then look at your stats. You’ll never regret it. You have…

Customize Public Settings on LinkedIn

By Bridget Willard | June 2, 2011

Why am I on LinkedIN?  Well, it seems either someone wanted help with how to use it or someone else was looking for a job and wanted a recommendation or I felt that I was socially compelled to accept the invite.  For whatever reasons I’ve maintained my profile all of these years, I’ve never taken…

Twitter and LinkedIn – How linked should they be?

By Bridget Willard | May 22, 2011

Update 6/29/12: Thanks to an announcement today, this entire blog post is obsolete.  Let us all take a moment of silence to remember the chaos once inflicted upon us by serial cross posters. Now go and share some relevant content with your professional connections.  As Linkedin recommends: “Initiate the conversation on LinkedIn.” Wow! What a…

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