Bridget Willard

Observing human behavior and predicting it is what makes the way I approach content management different. I mirror your voice in my social media management. I analyze your dreams when I consult. I think deeply and respond appropriately. I have time to work on your business. Do you?

Mind Your Manners, *Especially* on Facebook

“Civility costs nothing and buys everything.” Mary Worley Montagu Every society has a culture. Cultures have rules, implied or explicit.  Social media is still a society and dare I say the rules that exist “in real life” also exist on the digital extensions of your communities. It’s up to you to make Facebook (et al) …

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Friends Don’t Let Friends “Retweet” #FF Shoutouts

Dear Twittersphere: Yes, I do feel like my calling is to be a superhero. I presume people don’t know what they’re doing and feel compelled to educate.  That’s the end my disclaimer. The Problem: A few years ago, Twitter took what was an organic movement, the retweet (RT), and made a button. Buttons don’t always …

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